“Karl is an extremely honest, genuine person and someone I would class as a close personal friend. I would regard him a legend of British sport and as a youngster coming through, there would be few better people to offer the necessary advice in terms of the best paths to take.”

“I was first introduced to Richard by Ellery Hanley and I have placed my trust in him ever since, allowing him to take full control of my legal matters, both personally and professionally, for close to 15 years. He offers the right advice at the right time and has a proven track record in delivering results.”

“I greatly respect Karl’s judgement, beliefs and commitment, having known him very well for at least a quarter of a century. He boasts incredible knowledge of the game and has the ability to guide others in the very best manner. He really is a champion bloke and I would recommend his work to any upcoming talent or international star.”

“I have known Richard for more than 20 years and have worked closely with him, both privately and professionally. We remain very good friends and Richard is someone who even now looks out for me and my profile. I couldn’t place such trust in many people’s hands.”